Core Edge Weekly Tips for 2010-01-11

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SEO Edge: Make sure to add keyword embedded alt tags to your website images for better keyword density. # #FF RT @wgman: RT: follow @lewisboy @coremc @genove @misterkhuu @frenchfryfairy @possesion4 #


Core Edge Weekly Tips for 2009-12-21

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Marketing Edge: Manage PPC ad campaigns daily as fluctuations in rates will enable you to adjust & maximize the visibilty of your business # SEO Edge: Balance server side includes so your wysiwyg editor can easily identify each section of your site independently #


Core Edge Weekly Tips for 2009-10-26

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SEO Edge: Regulate incoming links to your site for best SEO results. Don't waste time w/ sites with 3 or less Google Page Rank(GPR) # Core Media Concepts will be the new web developer for Panacea Nutritionals. More info to come. # Core Media Concepts is proud to announce the official launch of the new [...]


Core Edge Weekly Tips for 2009-09-21

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Marketing Edge: Corporate sponsorship of charity events can be a great way to promote your business & and give back to the community. # SEO Edge: Run your code through a validator and keep it clean. Removing trivial errors makes real errors easier to find. # SEO Edge: Optimize folders & directories w/ keywords so [...]


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-07

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Marketing Edge: Google AdWords allows paid inclusion in the top search results & can be an effective approach to marketing your website. # SEO Edge: Title tags should not contain stop words such as "and", "the", etc. These only stop spiders from getting important words indexed # SEO Edge: Bing SEO is becoming popular. The [...]


Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-31

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SEO Edge: Control incoming links to your site for best SEO results. Avoid sites with 3 or less Google PageRank as they will have no effect # SEO Edge: Twitter is a great way to enhance your keyword density. Make sure that your site includes a Twitter feed near the top of the page #