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  • Age: 5+ years old
  • Google PageRank: 3
  • Premium domain that is credible and establishes you as an authority

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    5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

    Getting high ranking for your website requires time, patience, and wholehearted commitment. Stay in
    touch with the latest SEO trends and do not forget to opt for ethical SEO techniques.

    Get rid of these 5 Site SEO Mistakes

    Getting high rankings for a site involves hard work and implementation of the right SEO strategies. Many
    times, people use attractive images in their sites, include the right keywords in the content, and yet Read more

    Website Traffic Tip – Use Your Web site as a Marketing Nucleus

    People often times dismiss the powerful presence of the web. They spend countless hours and tons of money on a web site only for it to lie dormant for months on end. This dormancy is not giving your site the chance to get maximum exposure. Why not use your web site to your advantage and market it effectively? It’s already there, so make it work for you!

    Here are 5 quick tips on helping get more website traffic (organically..aka FREE!):

    1. Use WordPress as your Content Management System(CMS) – It’s one of the most user-friendly website development and management systems out there with tons of users (a great support group for when technical issues arise) as well as thousands of great plug-ins to enhance your website. It also has very good “permalinking” features that will help Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo understand the content of your pages before scanning them.
    2. Use high quality SEO plugins – There are hundreds out there but a couple of the most popular are SEO Ultimate and SEO by Yoast for enhancing website traffic
    3. Make sure your page load speeds are minimal – Nothing worse than waiting on a site to load (hello browser back button!). Google “Page Load Speed Test” and find a free scanner to check your sites pages.
    4. Content has and always will be King. Focus on well written “natural” content. When I say natural, I mean not stuffed with a keyword every other word. Not only is that incredibly annoying, it’s also frowned upon by search engines as well as your Actual Readers. You cannot afford to have either to dismiss your site.
    5. Get linked/listed on some related sites that already have good traffic going to them. This will often times help you rank higher and also give your site credibility (good sites don’t link to bad sites… it is usually the other way around)

    Having a company web site has made it ridiculously easy and cost effective to communicate to your consumers. It’s never been easier to get your information in front of your target audience. With so many forms of advertising available, you should be able to churn some website traffic relatively easily. Make sure you keep the information current (remember, content is king!) and give helpful advice to your viewers to keep them coming back time and time again. Also, you can offer incentives on your web site for consumers to save money by using your products or services. With these simple steps you can make your web site a powerful weapon in your overall marketing arsenal.