The truth is, you really can not buy your way to the top. Relying on a vanity domain and hoping for type-in traffic is a waste of time and money. You’ll spend thousands of dollars on, when real customers are typing “Best Deals” and clicking on the result that actually SEARCHES well for the keywords.

You can target the narrow niche effectively. Customers will generally refine a search until they get the answers they need. When was the last time you googled “car” or “airline ticket”? These big words are highly competitive, but they’re of low real-world value. Instead, as a niche player, you can own the more detailed “small words” where searchers actually begin to dive into the results.

At  Core Media Concepts is your go-to Orlando SEO company and we have extensive experience working with small to medium size clients. We’re constantly monitoring the major search engines(such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!), studying how they work and what impacts their results, so we can give our customers better answers and more control over their search positioning. Check out some of our research or blog articles to see how we work to keep you on top!

The success of your website depends on the kind of exposure that it gets, i.e. when more and more people visit your website to get an idea of the kind of services or products that your business offers. At Core Media Concepts, we can assure you the best Orlando SEO and web design services the effects of which will last long and provide a boost to the rankings of your website. We are here to improve the rankings of your website on the search engine results page, which automatically drive greater traffic to your website and thereby generate higher revenues.
Search engines automatically give more weightage to websites that have engaging content, have a good web design and offer a great user experience. Given our years of experience in the industry, we focus on nothing but the best practices so that our clients find no reason to complain. We therefore create websites that customers like to visit and at the same time search engines like to see.
We understand that the needs of the no two clients are the same, even though they might be operating in the same niche. Each business is unique and so are its goals, needs and targeted customer base.
Therefore we customize each of our SEO packages to suit the needs of our clients. That is why we have attorney SEO packages, lawyer SEO packages and medical SEO packages. Our customer base comprises professionals from different sectors and we also have the experience of working with small to medium sized businesses.
We regularly monitor the leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing so that we are up to date with all the algorithmic changes that are made so that we can modify our SEO campaigns accordingly. We constantly try to answer the queries of our customers and inform them about the ways which can help to boost the rankings of their website.
We offer a wide range of search engine optimization services. These include:
• Keyword research
• Meta data
• Internal text link modifications
• Website design
• Content writing
• Ranking reports
• Set up and implementation of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools as well as those of other search engines
Core Media Concepts has been engaged in providing Orlando SEO services for over 8 years. Trust our services to boost the returns from your business and you will surely not be disappointed.