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Marketing Edge: Referrals Make The Register Sing

It’s very clear to most people that there is a lot of power behind referrals. Referral marketing is the easiest, most cost effective, and targeted type of marketing available. No matter what industry, setting, or environment, referrals give any product or service an extra boost in the eyes of a potential consumer. Hearing about a product or service from a trusted source instills confidence in the buyer that they won’t get stuck with something that doesn’t live up to their expectations.

Start by asking your current clients to refer you to their close friends or relatives. This could have an immediate impact and prove to be the cheapest form of advertising you’ve ever done. Another great way to get a buzz going is to construct an incentive based referral program. This could be as simple as offering a free product for every referral. Get creative, but make sure that your incentive is worthwhile.

Take these extra steps the next time you’re in touch with one of your customers and expect to get much more than a “sure thing” in return.