Total Team Effort

The total sales effort by an organization is a key to growth and longevity in any business. For smaller companies, it is crucial to make sure that your staff is aware of the overall sales process as well as recognizing sales opportunities when they present themselves. Having full-time sales people on staff to pursue potential clients and follow leads is good but having a well rounded staff of individuals who are able to step in and get the job done effectively is greater. There are times when sales opportunities may come up unexpectedly and ensuring that each person in your organization is familiar with the sales process may be the difference in taking that lead to closure. Going forward into the new year, make sure that your sales strategy involves educating all internal parties on your sales process and see your closing ratio continue to rise!

Get friendly with your competition

hi Have you ever wondered what your competition does that gives them so much web traffic? Why not just ask? Competitor analysis does not always have to be a behind the scenes ordeal. Competitors will often share knowledge to people they feel could use the help. These same people may even boast about their achievements and are usually willing to give out quality information on how to get similar results. You don’t have to be devious at all and most people will give you what you are looking for if you simply ask for it. Let them know that you have conducted extensive industry research and their company’s website seemed to always pop up wherever you looked. This is a very non-invasive way to help you get great relevant information to apply to your own marketing efforts!