5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Getting high ranking for your website requires time, patience, and wholehearted commitment. Stay in
touch with the latest SEO trends and do not forget to opt for ethical SEO techniques.

Get rid of these 5 Site SEO Mistakes

Getting high rankings for a site involves hard work and implementation of the right SEO strategies. Many
times, people use attractive images in their sites, include the right keywords in the content, and yet
the rankings refuse to improve. If you are wondering why your site did not receive the expected high
rankings, consider the following points.

Using excessive keywords in the Meta Keywords Tag

Many people think that by placing the targeted keywords in the Meta Keywords Tag, they will receive
high rankings. Unfortunately, this is a wrong approach. Experts agree that search engines no longer give
importance to Meta Keywords Tag. This means that if you place keywords in the Meta Keywords Tag,
ranking of your site will not improve. Instead, place the keywords within the text of your site.

JavaScript Navigation can be the cause of the problem

It is true that JavaScript can help the visitors to navigate the sites easily. This is especially true in case of
large websites. However, search engine crawlers evaluate the JavaScript differently. JavaScript does not
contain links in the source code and crawlers depend on these links for navigating the website. To avoid
this problem, disable JavaScript in your browser and look at the site. Remember that if you are unable to
observe the site navigation, the search engine crawlers are not noticing it either.

Over-emphasis on low quality links

Experts stress on the fact that links play a crucial role in determining your rank in the search engines.
However, many people assume that links obtained from any site will help to increase the site’s
popularity. Unfortunately, acquiring low-quality links or links from unrelated sites can lower your site
rankings. Rather, selecting high quality and related links can be a great idea.

Avoid opting for automatic submission tools

If you have opted for SEO services that insist on using automatic submission tools, avoid falling into
their trap. Of course, using automatic submission tools will help you to save effort and time. However,
there are high chances that this technique will result in the rejection of your pages by the search engine
crawlers. Therefore, opt for ethical SEO techniques, while trying to enhance the popularity of your site.

Avoid over-emphasizing on the Flash

Many people prefer using Flash, since it makes the site attractive and eye-catching. However, the
negative side of using Flash is that the crawlers will not notice the elements of the site that have been
created by using Flash. For dealing with problem, avoid using only images, videos, and graphics in your
site. Rather, put interesting content in your website and use some type of HTML navigation. All these
will contribute in the easy navigation of the site by the crawlers and enhance your site’s rankings.

We have discussed the common site optimization mistakes that can be disastrous for the ranking of your
website. In addition, remember that getting a good ranking for your site should not be your ultimate
goal (yes, it is true!). Apart from implementing ethical SEO techniques, pay attention to other criteria
that play a crucial role on the success or failure of your website. These may include enhancing quality of

the products/services offered by your company and that of your customer service. Remember that all
these factors would help you to achieve long-term success.

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