Expand beyond JUST Internet Marketing

Getting new and unique customers to your web site should be a priority for all companies period. Actively promoting your web site using traditional internet marketing (Email campaigns, Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Search Engine Optimization etc.) is great but is not always going to get the most qualified traffic to your site. There are times when you have to step outside of the traditional marketing box and do things that no one else thinks to do. It is imperative that you create a connection with your customers through face-to-face client interaction and tie that into your internet marketing efforts.

Attend quality events in your community and share your business with everyone you can. The person you speak to may not have a use for what you offer but they probably know 5 people that do! If you can quickly communicate the benefits of your products or services, you can potentially double or triple your marketing efforts through free word-of-mouth advertising. Make sure to bring material that you can hand out to potential customers and focus on directing them to get more information from the web site. This will give you higher traffic rates and make your site much more visible to your targeted audience!

Orlando Condo 411

Orlando Condo 411

The Client: Orlando Condo 411 – Downtown Orlando Condo Blog

Services Provided: Website development with Content Management System(CMS) integration | Google Adsense  implementation | Search engine optimization

Client Testimonial: “Core Media Concepts gave me a great avenue to generate revenue and maintain my blog with no technical knowledge. I am able add pages, posts, text, content, images, all with a few simple clicks. This solution is great because I can update my site/blog on my own 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. It’s simply fantastic!”

– K. Billups