Do you remember that elementary school teacher that used to put all of those red marks on your book report for every single grammatical error? Well the day has finally come where you can get back at them and that red pride slasher. Believe it or not, it can actually be beneficial to be grammatically “incorrect” when it comes to marketing your website through search engines. We accept mistakes as a part of everyday life, so use misspellings and variations on words as much as you can to your advantage. In today’s business environment, people are in a hurry to find answers quickly, and they often fail to realize their own mistakes even when it’s typed right in front of them. You should be just as quick to capitalize on their mistake!

For example, if you are marketing the keywords “golf clubs”, it would also benefit you to use variations or misspellings such as “golf clibs”, “golf cubs”, and “gofl clubs”. The correct spelling of the term may cost several dollars to market, but the variations could get you on top of the bids for pennies each!

Grammatical geniuses are rare, so implement these suggestions into your Pay Per Click ad campaigns and watch your traffic soar. Your pockets will be full with all the money saved!