Marketing Edge: Are you generic or unique?

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Combine your brand name awareness and loyalty and you get brand equity. Products that have a strong level of confidence in their brand name and have loyal customers tend to have a higher percentage of consumers than their competitors. There is a sense of attachment between customers and the brand.  Consumers are willing to pay [...]


Sell For The Next Sales Opportunity

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Getting that first sale from a customer can be one of the hardest tasks in generating new business. Regardless, the next few sales afterward your first are the ones that really count. Repeat sales show that your customer has instilled trust and dependability into your company. Make sure to follow through and give great customer [...]


An Evening with Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds

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RenaissanceX,, & Present An Evening with Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds House of Blues Orlando Friday, May 7th. (A Mother's Day Weekend Celebration) Doors Open 7:00pm | Showtime 8:00pm Tickets: | In person at House of Blues box office Right After the show...the AfterParty. Barnard Fleurima | Fiifi Deku | Will G. Manuel | [...]


Give Them The Scoop!

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Take a moment to think about a story or newspaper article you recently read that really grabbed your attention. Was it the catchy headline, the imagery, or some other factor that made it hard for you to stop watching or reading? Recent studies confirmed most people keep reading articles because there was an informative and [...]


Core Edge Weekly Tips for 2010-01-11

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SEO Edge: Make sure to add keyword embedded alt tags to your website images for better keyword density. # #FF RT @wgman: RT: follow @lewisboy @coremc @genove @misterkhuu @frenchfryfairy @possesion4 #


Core Edge Weekly Tips for 2009-12-21

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Marketing Edge: Manage PPC ad campaigns daily as fluctuations in rates will enable you to adjust & maximize the visibilty of your business # SEO Edge: Balance server side includes so your wysiwyg editor can easily identify each section of your site independently #