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Combating the “NO” factor

Creating an effective and compelling sales presentation is an art that not everyone can master effortlessly. Some people are great at delivering gripping presentations that capture their audience and others are better with the follow-up/persistence necessary to obtain a new client. Even with those two vital skills in hand, we often [...]

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Expand beyond JUST Internet Marketing

Getting new and unique customers to your web site should be a priority for all companies period. Actively promoting your web site using traditional internet marketing (Email campaigns, Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Search Engine Optimization etc.) is great but is not always going to get the most qualified traffic to your site. There [...]

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Total Team Effort

The total sales effort by an organization is a key to growth and longevity in any business. For smaller companies, it is crucial to make sure that your staff is aware of the overall sales process as well as recognizing sales opportunities when they present themselves. Having full-time sales people on [...]

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Get friendly with your competition

hi Have you ever wondered what your competition does that gives them so much web traffic? Why not just ask? Competitor analysis does not always have to be a behind the scenes ordeal. Competitors will often share knowledge to people they feel could use the help. These same people may even [...]

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