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The Emergence of Mobile Applications

Today, we access information in different ways than say, 10 years ago. With a new trend in user-friendly mobile interfaces, we now access information on handheld devices(such as iphones, android phones, blackberries, and ipads) more now than even a year ago. Mobile application development is a relatively new market for companies [...]

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Marketing Edge: Are you generic or unique?

Combine your brand name awareness and loyalty and you get brand equity. Products that have a strong level of confidence in their brand name and have loyal customers tend to have a higher percentage of consumers than their competitors. There is a sense of attachment between customers and the brand.  Consumers [...]

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Sell For The Next Sales Opportunity

Getting that first sale from a customer can be one of the hardest tasks in generating new business. Regardless, the next few sales afterward your first are the ones that really count. Repeat sales show that your customer has instilled trust and dependability into your company. Make sure to follow through [...]

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