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Marketing Edge: Referrals Make The Register Sing

It’s very clear to most people that there is a lot of power behind referrals. Referral marketing is the easiest, most cost effective, and targeted type of marketing available. No matter what industry, setting, or environment, referrals give any product or service an extra boost in the eyes of a potential [...]

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Don’t Waste Valuable Time – Qualify Your Prospect

Great salespeople follow strategic steps in order to be successful. Using a systematic routine can help solidify your sales process and increase your customer acquisition rate. In order to flourish, you need to focus on qualifying your prospect before getting too far into the sales cycle. Pre-qualifying a potential client can [...]

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The Emergence of Mobile Applications

Today, we access information in different ways than say, 10 years ago. With a new trend in user-friendly mobile interfaces, we now access information on handheld devices(such as iphones, android phones, blackberries, and ipads) more now than even a year ago. Mobile application development is a relatively new market for companies [...]

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