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Sales Edge: Limited Time Offers – Do They Really Work?

A big part of getting someone to buy into your offer is playing up the value vs. cost factor, which is heavily influenced by presentation. A great way to get people to instinctively buy is to make an offer that would seemingly be a mistake if turned down. Also, make sure [...]

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5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Getting high ranking for your website requires time, patience, and wholehearted commitment. Stay in touch with the latest SEO trends and do not forget to opt for ethical SEO techniques. Get rid of these 5 Site SEO Mistakes Getting high rankings for a site involves hard work and implementation of the [...]

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Website Traffic Tip – Use Your Web site as a Marketing Nucleus

People often times dismiss the powerful presence of the web. They spend countless hours and tons of money on a web site only for it to lie dormant for months on end. This dormancy is not giving your site the chance to get maximum exposure. Why not use your web site [...]

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