It is a well known fact that people buy from people they trust. Getting up in front of a group of individuals and speaking on topics that you have a great deal of knowledge about gives you instant credibility. Besides, would you be the one speaking if you weren’t an expert? People will hire you because they trust you, and have the confidence that you will be a great resource for them. Take the measures to get out there and promote yourself by becoming a speaker at your target market’s events. This is a great way to build up your consumer’s confidence in the products/services that you have to offer. Put yourself in the position of someone who will be viewing the event, and think about what types of things you would want to learn about if you were them. Develop your speech with a clear message and simple information they can implemented very easily on their own. When the time comes to tackle some of the more complex issues, you WILL be the one they call on.

Those who have been able to prove success in their particular business or industry have a higher chance getting people to be confident in them and ultimately purchase from them time and time again.