Website Development Questionnaire.

Please take a few moments to fill out the questionnaire as detailed as possible. This will help our team get a better idea the scope of your project:


How soon will the website need to be ready?*

What is the business / org / idea about? What are the main features/functionality that is needed for this project?*

Do you have a color scheme in place or one in mind? If so, what are the colors?*

Do you have a logo and branding structure in place?*

If not, is this something you would want us to take care of for you?*

Do you already have written content for your site?*

Would you like a method for collecting email addresses into a database for a newsletter or mailing list?*

Do you have a Domain for this website?*

If yes, what is that domain name?

Do you currently have Web Hosting for that domain?*

If yes, what is your hosting company’s name?

Can you provide a list of websites that you like the look, feel, and functionality of?(Please list full URL’s such as At least 3 solid examples would be great(identify what things you like and don’t like of each)*

What is your project’s budget?(Please select range)*

Is it important that your new website be search engine friendly and are you concerned about search engine optimization?*

Do you have an idea for the required sections/pages of the website? For example: Homepage, About Us, Services, Contact Us, More, please specify*

Is there any additional information about this website you want us to know about?

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