Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-10

  • SEO Edge: Bold or italicizes keywords when appropriate within the body of your pages. Linking keywords to pages on your site also helps SEO #
  • SEO Edge: Misspelled keywords can often be a gold mine for SEO. Humans often make mistakes typing in the seach box so keep this in mind #
  • SEO Edge: Repeating yourself is never cool. The same applies w/ content on your site. Repeating keywords is viewed by many SE's as spam. #
  • SEO Edge: Place all Javascript in external files & reference them as needed. Search engines can easily stumble on this long & complex code #
  • Get 400 followers a day using #
  • SEO Edge: Quality content is key but quantity is also important. All content pages should have a min of 300 words w/ keywords throughout. #
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