Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-03

  • SEO Edge: XML sitemaps are a great way to get the inside track for being indexed & ranked through Google. Generators are available. #
  • Sales Edge: Its vital to create compelling CTA’s or Call-To-Actions that urge a prospect to react. Highlight these on any sale material. #
  • SEO Edge: Sites like and are a quick way to submit your website URL to major search engines. Check them out. #
  • SEO Edge: Permalinks or Smartlinks are essential for SEO. For ex., if .com/85665 is your “About Us” page, your link should be .com/about-us #
  • SEO Edge: If your site has Meta Refresh tags, make sure they’re set to at least 30 secs. Anything less can be viewed by SE’s as spam. #
  • Sales Edge: Proper follow up is crucial to any business operation. Make sure to keep good notes of when prospect/client contact occured. #
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