Top 5 Timeless SEO Tips and Strategies That Will Work Forever

Whenever you put loads of effort, money and time into an SEO campaign, there will always be some degree of skepticism about the results. When it comes to SEO progress, it certainly takes time to quantify therefore it is not easy to quickly figure out which SEO methods work best and which ones do not. After some time, you may finally figure out the SEO methods that works for your business, but the problem again is knowing whether this approach will work in the future.

With the ever-changing nature of the internet and the technological world, many people find it hard to believe that there are evergreen SEO strategies that will work now and even in the future. But the surprising fact is that these techniques do exist and if you get to understand them, you will build a strong SEO foundation regardless of the Search Engine’s frequent changes.

  1. Title tags
    The proper use of title tags is one of the most obvious SEO elements and plays a significant part in deciding whether a visitor will click on your link or not. Title tags have been considered one of the most crucial SEO elements for a very long time and there will be no change in the future so make sure to get this right.
  2. Well written and value packed content
    In the SEO world the writing of value packed content is a highly important aspect that can never be overlooked, now or in years to come. To write quality content, one needs some level of creativity, and honestly, most blogs on the internet are unreadable and not at all inspiring nor informative. Search engines will most often than not rank high-quality content higher, and this is a practice that will not stop anytime soon since high quality is what all readers want to read.
  3. Page speed
    Page speed refers to the page loading speed. From the look of Google ranking trends, Google has shown that page speed is one of the necessary signals it uses in the ranking of pages, this is not a practice that is likely to stop soon, in fact, it is a practice that is just starting. Recently Google announced of new ranking techniques based on mobile page load speed, and this is just a sign of how important and seriously Google takes page speed in ranking.
  4. Keywords in the URL
    For anyone in the SEO industry, the first step of publishing content on the web is finding a domain to work with. When it comes to SEO registering domain names is not a one-time job and requires some strategies to be put in place. When choosing a domain to be used for SEO jobs, the webmaster has to pick a domain name that strikes a balance between being catchy, brand friendly and at the same time unique. Also, the domain also needs to contain the targeted keyword. By having a domain that has the targeted keywords, it is a twofold strategy that is bound to work now and in future.First, the URL of the page immediately becomes a ranking factor that search engines can use in the calculation of ranking order. Secondly, by having the keyword in the URL, these are the first words that a visitor encounters soon as they land on they view the site URL. Also, the keyword rich URL will also be used when creating anchor text thus ensuring one gets to understand what’s involved even before clicking on the anchor. As already known anchor texts with keywords help in ranking factors, then by having the keywords in the URL one is assured of positive impact on ranking.
  5. Inbound links from authority sites
    Lastly, the most sure bet on the search for evergreen SEO strategies is the use of inbound links from authority sites. The SEO landscape is an ever-changing trend, and the importance of using inbound links from authority sites has never been greater. There is a great need to learn and implement high-quality inbound links if one wants to compete and thrive on the internet for a long time to come.
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